Deliver rich, personalised and compelling messages across channels to gain immediate customer attention.

RCM (Rich Content Messaging)

Multi-media interacation. Insanely Creative
  • Add the elusive entertainment aspect to advertising with multimedia messages - video, audio, pictures, texts, and so forth
  • Surprise and delight customers with creative notifications (lock-screen, un-lock screen) and banner formats (mosaic, stacked)
  • With 95% of the recently launched handset being MMS capable, enhance consumer receptivity through creative messages
  • Use image Ads in JPEG for still images and in GIF format for animated ones in varied sizes such as small, medium, large.
  • Reach massive audience base with the RCM’s ability to get delivered to non-data users
  • With more than 87% of the RCM getting opened in first 3 minutes, ensure instant exposure to customers

OBD (Outbound Dialer)

Vernacular Ads. High Recall
  • Engage audience residing in media-dark regions with short pre-recorded human-voice messages for higher recall
  • Automated dialing of mobile numbers for efficient and cost-effective campaign execution
  • Ability to intelligently identify un-successful calls and initiate re-dials
  • Drive engaging conversations with a voice-based message in regional language and local flavour
  • Instant response capture to enable interactive conversations with integrated Key-press ( DTMF ) capability
  • Deliver the message in less than 15 seconds thus getting full attention of customers

SMS (Short Messaging Service)

Instant Attention. High Open Rate
  • Flash SMS with automated pop-up notification on receiver’s mobile screen seizing instant attention
  • USSD with real-time, cost-effective, interactive engagement through menu driven interface
  • WAP Push with 160 character text message with embedded web link or link to a call-center contact number
  • With more than 98% open rate SMS outperforms email and flyers in impression, click-through rates and conversion rates
  • With 90% of texts being read within 15 minutes of receipt, SMS guarantees immediate action from consumers
  • Dynamic and static couponing with redemption tracking to influence consumers to visit the stores and optimise ROI

MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) Call Prompt

Massive reach, Non-Intrusive
  • Reach out to customers intelligently riding on the failure reason information communicated to the caller
  • Deliver the message in less than 10 seconds thus getting full attention of customers
  • Multiple exposure to the creative message whenever the call cannot be completed for various reasons without fatigue
  • Always-on campaign - active 24*7 on campaign days for enhanced stickiness and recalls
  • Only mobile channel which enables brands to reach DND customers in a non-intrusive manner
  • Multi-operator, multi-region reach making it a very effective channel for mass communication, even better than radio

Web Banners

Online Audience. Personalised and contextual
  • Reach out to the largest and the most precisely-targeted audience through innovative banner advertising on mobile
  • Optimise campaign ROI through contextual audience engagement and deep behavioural-targeting
  • Bridge data from the online and offline worlds to create a true understanding of mobile consumers for personalised engagement
  • Ad impressions enriched by petabytes of telco data to enable advertisers to bid on audience inventory cost effectively
  • Unique mobile web ad formats such as in-image banners, screen-takeover banners, floating banners, native tickers to propel the brand engagement
  • Ability to engage with digital natives, millennial consumers across the globe on digital channels